The essence of time tourism

We have reached the time when space is not enough for the travel enthusiast. That's why we get more and more intrigued by space-time.

The concept that has been explored for thousands of years and has been defined scientifically in the last couple of decades, has finally become a reality! We can finally travel to times that we're very interested in.

Similar to the futuristic themes of World Fairs organised by BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) EXPO 2025 ISC is a speculative work exploring the idea of a fair that commodifies time travel and sells it to the public. It questions the science, the ethics and the marvel of time-travel, specifically its 'travel' part.

Based on the following research paper.


  • You can go to only specific places.
  • You will only have a few days to spend there.
  • You cannot change the course of events. (For example, if you’re going to a war scene, you cannot change the winning side.)
  • You can die while you’re there.
  • The future you experience, could change in your ‘original’ time frame.