The Big Bang

Would you travel to the beginning of time? It is one of the hottest destinations of the modern tourist. Don't miss out on the great opportunity of finding out how it all began!

The Resurrection of Christ

Whether you're a believer or not, the Resurrection of Christ is one of the major events in the history of mankind. Come and enjoy the sight of Christ ascending to Heaven! Be awe-struck alongside his followers and share their emotion!

The Colosseum

If you visit Rome, you can see the great Colosseum, built to serve as an amphitheatre during the Roman Empire. During the centuries it was severely damaged by natural disasters or modified by public restoration.

Now, the time has come to visit the Colosseum in its ultimate glory—at the day it was opened! For 12 years, the Flavian dynasty were building the amphitheatre and in AD 81 it was finally finished. More than 80 000 people were compressed in the space, full of excitement and ambitions.

Join the trip, be part of history and dive into the madness of the crowds.

The Platonic Academy

Your whole early life, you have studied Socrates, Archimedes, Pythagoras, Aristotle, Plato and many more. These amazing thinkers changed the world for centuries ahead. But the only thing we have left with are their writings. There are no photographs, films or voice recordings ever made.

Luckily, you have the opportunity now to visit Athens at the time when Plato ran his Academy. You can meet and discuss your ideas. Don’t know Greek? Do not worry, the suit EXPO has provided you with has a built-in real-time translation device.

The Third World War

Humanity has thrived through wars, it has also perished the same way. The 20th century experienced two major wars in Europe and the World, and many more in Asia, Africa and South America. Everyday we are becoming more and more globalised, connected and involved in each others’ politics.

We provide you with a sneak-peek at the next World War. It is exciting, thrilling and absolutely unforgettable experience. Your whole existence will be shaken after being among one of the World’s most horrifying event.

Remember two of the rules of EXPO:
  • You cannot change the course of history (even if you have seen the future).
  • You can die.

*For our client’s wellbeing and sanity, we require a psychological test prior to travel.

Assassination of Julius Caesar

We all know that Julias Caesar fell a victim of an intricate conspiracy. He was a controversial leader and the time of his rule had everything but peace. The stabbing is said to be a gory, dramatic and hurtful event.

Now you have the chance of being meters away from the incident. You can feel the shock on everybody’s face, smell the sweat and blood and witness one of the most distressing murders in the history of man kind.

K-T Extinction

Do you like prehistoric times? Do you fancy dinosaurs? Have you wondered what plants looked like 66 million years ago? Well, you will never know. UNLESS you travel in time to the moment before a massive asteroid collided with our planet to annihilate nearly 3/4ths of the flora and fauna.

The moment in time you will be visiting is exactly 40 minutes before the impact. You will witness a lot of disturbance in the animals, wind masses and earth’s crust movements.

In order to achieve the fullest experience, we have designed a special pod to shield you from the impact directly, while still allowing you to see absolutely everything.

The Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire

Colonisation is not a thing to be proud of. History has been altered by individuals to serve a particular purpose—to glorify or demonise colonisation. However, we know the real story now. You can also witness it.

Be transported back to the very moment the Spanish arrive in Veracruz on April 22, 1519. You will see what it was, how the indigenous people felt and how they reacted to the newcomers.

The French Revolution

‘Liberty, equality, fraternity’ is what people shouted with exuberance on the streets of France in the end of 1799. The revolution that has been going on for a decade took many victims and liberated lots of minds.

Now you have the chance of being amongst the crowds, to cheer with them, to fight with them or simply observe the madness of them all.

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Ooooh, how much sorrow one murder could bring? And how much thought has been poured into coming up with conspiracies. The assassination of the American president John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, has been a hugely investigated topic for the last couple of decades.

Now you are able to be present at the motorcade in Dallas, Texas, US on the same day it happened. Go, explore, search for the truth. Remember! you cannot prevent history, but at least you will be certain who committed the crime.


The Union of Atheists, String Theory Society, Union of the Circus Artists, The Parthenon Athena Complex, Catholic Church Secular Affairs, Chinese Academy of Paleonthology, US Warfare Research Fund

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Greece, USA, Russian Federation, Democratic Republic of China, India, UK, Australia, Morocco, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, Republic of South Africa, Iran, Malaysia, France, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Japan, Tajikistan, Peru