Expo Map

(International Space Centre)

This specially designed structure has been sent to space in order to accomodate the international array of pavilions offering indispensible experience. It has been designed to sustain the high-density energy conversions and it is designed to accomodate millions of visitors everyday.

The shuttles fly daily at 9 AM and 4 PM local times.

Model built by Alexandra Shopova and visualised by Maarten Meij.

The suits

Coming to EXPO 2025 ISC, you will notice right away that you have to wear a suit to ensure safe stay at the ISC. The innovative body-tight space suit is designed to keep its users comfortable in most conditions. Perhaps, not surprisingly, as it is also used in the time trips as well.

Info Centres

In order to minimise any inconvenience, a special Info Centre is located on several places inside the ISC. It is easily recognisable by its bright red symbol. There is a special number you can dial + a 24/7 chat you can contact.

There you can learn anything about the fair, time-travel, fees, promotions and further information.